Wednesday, 11 April 2012

London Paris New York

I am back after a longggg hiatus. There was no plan to take such long break from blogger but was just having writer's block due to some personal issues. Anyways that's done and dusted and here I am. I thought a lot on what i should write about. There are many topics in my head but the urge to write about them was missing

I thought these days I am missing something in my life and when I watched this movie I realised what it was that I am missing. No its not about a guy please...I am missing London desperately. I went to London in 2008 March and it became my city. May be it was my first international travel, may be because it was more like Mumbai, may be because London means Wimbledon and Arsenal, whatever is the reason but I fell for this city real hard and fast. London is beautiful in Surreal way. London with its Victorian architect, its crazy weather (it can rain anytime in London. You better carry your umbrella everyday), good food, pulls you in its charm. Whenever I land at Heathrow, I can smell that different London air. It has an identity. I am not kidding..and then I feel yes I belong here. In London I met many wonderful people. My office team, some of my closest friends I discovered in this city. I have loved and I have lost the love too in this city. When I was struggling big time in my personal life I ran away to London where I found some peace. Every walk from tube station to office or to home has always have some memory attached. The Buses, Tubes,Costa Coffee,Pubs, Oxford street, Waterstones, Hagen Daz, Chillango, Crispy Cream, CineWorld ohh I miss it all and most importantly I miss that time in my life. Now its just has become a memory and I am trying desperately to grasp at that lost time. This movie tugged and pulled at my heart strings and have compelled me to write about it. The movie has captured London very nicely and it fits in the story as a third Character.

The second city in the movie is Paris..My dream city. I didn't like the Paris I saw in this movie. I have been to Paris twice. Once in winter and once in Summer and loved the city in both times. And its truly a romantic city. I cant explain why but in Paris you always miss that special someone when you are there alone. Paris is fun, Its colourful, Its always awake and ready to party. I had the most amazing wine in Paris. and Chocolate Crepe are awesome..Disneyland, Eiffel, Louvre, River Seine. Everything about Paris is Romance. Everything about it creates a longing in you and that's why this city tops the chart. But I am not sure how Paris will treat you if you stay there for a long period and not just holidays. I think the mystery of Paris is best experienced for short term. I am afraid I might not like it if I stayed there for long. But whenever I will get a chance I would love to go to Paris and I hope at least in one of these trips I will have that Special someone with me to share my joy :)

Now to the third city of the movie..New York..this city we have seen so many times in Karan Johar movies that it feels I have already been there. But I feel that city is calling me.. Its waiting for me..Its not my dream city or I don't have a compulsion that I have to go there once etc. But somehow I feel that I would definitely be there one day.I don't have any picture of New York in my mind. So it would be a true mystery to unravel
Just praying that life will give me a chance to at least try to solve that riddle.

P.S. - About the movie, its one of the fresh  movies I have seen in sometime. The actors have done a very good job and I think its one of those mature movies. Most of the situations in movie can happen real life too.and of course I loveeee Ali Zafar :P