Monday, 28 March 2011

Love aaj kal...Mumbai Pune Mumbai..etc etc etc

Watching Love Aaj Kal on Zee Cinema...This is one of those movies which has lots of memories attached to it and I remember it for all those memories than the movie itself. It was one of those Fridays when our weekend masti used to kick off. On that particular day in our office we had summer outing and had this treasure hunt. We were split up in 4 groups of 4 each and had been given 10 clues of different places in London. We had to decipher the code (Dan Brown style ;) ) and had to click snap in front of the place as proof. Me, Jenny, Deepti and Manjit were a group. Manjit ne hume bahot bhagaya and ofcourse we won the hunt. It was sad in the end coz as a gift we got this sadi small word book. I still regret missing John Abraham's movie Shoot for that book. After the usual socialising (Read drinks) we set off towards Ilford.

All our weekend used to start with catching a movie at Cineworld and then playing cards the whole night. But this Friday we ran into a long queue at cineworld. To pacify the other angry and irritated members of the gang (Not all were at office party and we actually were late :P) we had got the crispy cream doughnuts. But we didn't reach in time and all the shows were booked till 11.15. After a long deliberation we got the tickets, had dinner and went for the movie. There are some parts of the memory I would like to forget but you have to take all of those moments together isn't it? When I first saw the movie I totally hated it. Its not like I have started liking it but I can tolerate it these days. The movie was slow and we were tired. Jenny and Nikhil promptly fell asleep. It seems after a lonnnng time the movie finally got over. After that day for some weeks we had overdose of Twist (courtesy Kunal) and Aahu Aahu (Courtesy Nikhil) while playing the cards. We had to finally ban the DJs from playing it. I still start laughing remembering Nikhil's Rickshaw step.And how can I forget Mine and Jenny's Chor Bajari step..We tried that at the London Disc as well. It was too cool fun. And then there is 'Yeh Dooriyan..' One of my most favorite songs. Whenever I listen to this song it feels like someone is taking my heart out. I just cant breath.It transports me back in time just to bring me crashing back to reality. Do I Love the memories or the pain those bring with them? I don't know. But this is one of those weird things which remind you of something. Like the first rain, Specific colour of sky, Flowers or just some empty nights. आठवणींच्या देशात मी मनाला कधी पाठवत नाही, जाताना ते खुश असते, पण येताना त्याला येववत नाही. So I try to avoid this song but whenever I listen to it,it opens the old wounds I am so trying to cover up. anyways enough about it for a day.

Now about the movie. Its hard to digest the steps Deepika takes after her marriage. I feel for Rahul Khanna. Poor chap. This movie also feels like a Fairy Tale. Too good to be true. In India you cannot just live like that. And if you try people and society wont allow you too. In India marriage is like a compulsion. You have to follow the rules and get married. Even if you don't want to or you don't love the person. And if you break the rules, try to go against the flow then everyone will keep reminding you that something is seriously wrong with you. You have to be incredibly strong. So this movie makes me ask that question to myself. Am I strong enough? I still have not got my answer but I think time will give me the answer eventually.

All this talk takes me to the other movie I saw today. 'Mumbai Pune Mumbai'. Its a marathi movie. I wanted to see it long back. But missed it. Finally I got a chance to see it. Its about this girl who comes from Mumbai to Pune to meet this guy. Its a arrange marriage and she hasn't seen him. What happens is the story of just one day. Both Mukta Burve and Swapnil Joshi are perfect in their roles.This movie touches to the age old debate of which city is better.Mumbai or Pune. Reminds me of my endless debates with my friend too. I liked this movie but again I am not sure whether it will happen/can happen in real life.

I don't know what all I have written in the post. Don't know whether it will make sense or not. But I had promised myself that I will use my blog as my pensive and I am just sticking with it. May be some other day when I glance through it I will find the answers I am looking for....May Be

Monday, 7 March 2011

TP thoughts

Since last Sunday after that heartbreaking finale at wembley to say the mood was little down will be an understatement. It was Sh*te till Tuesday. But then came Stamford Bridge and the great(so called) Man UTD got a taste of their own medicine. How can u do a complete U turn on how Ref is against you when your baby got away with it on Saturday..Anyways they got what they deserved. The whole match I was talking with one of my footie friends who is a Die hard Chelsea supporter. It was fun

Came Wednesday where we run riot over Orient to gain next round FA cup match against Man UTD on 12th march.

But on Saturday we were not able to capitalise on UTD's loss by winning against the black cats.Though we were at the receiving end of bad Referring I am happy we didn't loose and a draw is good enuf..Now time to Face BARCA.

Then came Sunday..what a day it has been. We were greeted with such amazing sunshine after so many days. The good part was it remained the whole day. What a refreshing Sunday. On top of that saw Pool seeing off UTD..again I can go on and on about it but shouldn't. I will keep the memories stored for talking at end of the season.And I fail to understand why Wolves are in bottom half after playing such a good football. The curse of Molineux was on Spurs only for the referee to come to their rescue. So all in all the week has been more about Referring that actual football.

The Cricket world cup is also providing good entertainment. Eng is turning out to be the team who is providing enough excitement in the WC. All their matches have been a close encounter. Esp today's game against SA. what a match..What a bowling by Broady and Swanny.The only sad part about it was that I didn't want SA to loose as well. Strange world.

India won against Ireland. The Irland team had shocked England to say the least. They did highest run chase in WC history. K O'Brien had fastest century (in 50 balls) in WC history. Today India were again exposed by their Over confidence. Though how much I want India to win this WC, but somehow I think this team except few select individuals don't deserve the cup. Our team is just not showing enough hunger or even enough respect for the WC.And I have started hating it now. Ooh and btw Windies bowled out B'desh in 58 and got their bus stoned by angry crowd for winning that match..B'deshi fans need to learn how to differentiate their Team bus and opposition's one. I am sure that was just a misunderstanding. Next time they will choose the correct bus to stone at :)

I am becoming Twitter fan. Not to post anything on it but just to follow ppl.Also I am falling in love with Jack Wilshire but my client manager (when I told her about my crush) promptly reminded me that he is a bit young for me. Never mind..Age no bar,nationality no bar. ;) After all I have realised that I have a thing for guys with dimples.Remember a certain John Abraham

All in all a satisfying weekend.

PS - I had lovely food on the whole weekend which my roomies prepared and didnt do a it felt like a dream weekend :D