Sunday, 29 January 2012

Home Sweet Home

wow..I mean wow....I really don't have words to write this post...Finally after all the search I have booked a flat in Pune. It was a longggggggggg wait and still have to wait a long time before I can actually set a foot in my home. But the feeling of having a house of your own is exhilarating. It has been my dream for so long.It was one of the biggest items on my 'To Do' list before I turn 30. Now the long process of getting a loan, keeping track of the work being done at the site starts..

I really hope this will give me some stability and peace of mind that I have been searching for a long time..

Ohh I am so happy. Thank you God!!!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Why O Why?

Today realised one more friend of mine doesn't feel like talking to me anymore. Its so weird. I have kind off got used to this I guess. From last couple of years, the people I have banked to be very close friends of mine one fine day decide that they no longer feel like talking to me.

I am fine with this. I dont want to force anyone. The only problem I have is they don't even feel like informing their decision to me. I keep asking them whats wrong. I keep begging them to talk and after a while they do feel pity and tell me the reason or just inform me that yes they don't feel like talking.

And since now its happening with quite alarming frequency I think something is major wrong with me. Am I a bad person or irritating one or may be after a while I become boring to be with?

I don't know. Why its so hard to just let me know upfront. I am not saying its always their fault. I have been wrong too but unless and untill someone tells me what's wrong how will I know it? I might be many things but mind reader I am not. It hurts...Hurts a lot

I Don't understand how people can erase you from their lives just because its easier than working things out.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New perspective for films I initially couldn't stand

Today while coming to office in shuttle, I heard a song from Movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. It seems like I have seen the movie ages ago and have forgotten all about it. But today when I heard the song and thought about the movie something strike me. There are couple of movies in which I have few basic objections to some core part of the movie. But thinking about KKHH, I realised I no longer objected to these parts in the movie. I have grown in experience may be that's what is helping me to relate to these parts though this doesn't mean I approve or denounce them. It just means I am few years wiser and at least I can look at these things objectively. So here are the basic objections I had with some of the movies and what i think of them now.
  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - We will start with this one as its the reason of starting the post. So my main objection here was even after 8 years, KJo and SRK assumed that Kajol would be unmarried and unattached to anyone in this period. But today when I thought about this, I could see that its possible. First of all Kajol leaves in last year of college. Even if we assume she was 22 at that time then its possible for her to remain unmarried by 30. About remaining unattached, yes that's possible too after the setback she got, she was may be so emotionally drained out or may be distrustful of guys that she never could fall for anyone else. May be she was afraid of again getting hurt in the process. So after thinking all these points I can give benefit of doubts to the film. But I still think SRK's character in the move was a perfect example of MCP.
  • Dil To Paagal Hai - Something is really up. I happen to saw this movie when I went home yesterday. Is it a coincidence..may be it is..anyways I hated lots of things about this movie and still do. But one point I was always stumped at about was why Madhuri stands in airport even if she doesn't love Akshay. for Old me that was really stupid and i still cant do a complete U turn and say no that's correct but at least now I can see the dilemma behind the stupidity. She was stunned by this. Plus Akshay is her best friend. So she didn't wanted to hurt him etc etc.. So again though I wont approve it at least I will make amends with this scene. But even then too I cannot stand the movie. The only character normal and believable in this movie is Karishma's Nisha whom I so relate too.
  • Kabhi Alvida Na Kehena - Now this is a cracker. When I initially saw the movie I hated Rani's character. I mean though SRK's Character is a jerk throughout at least there are some reasons behind which he can take refuge but I never understand what Rani's problem was. She had a loving husband,good home,job etc. Why she felt so suffocated in that marriage? I think I can imagine her situation. She never loved AB Junior. yes I know in marriage you have to do many adjustments but if you have been friends with the person and in that time if u didn't fall for them then you most probably never will. And she is not just suffocating because of this, her other problem is she is not being fair to Ab Junior and that too is affecting her outlook. Though I never understood how SRK was an answer to all her problems..but that's the thing which I probably will never get :P
These are some of the movies I was talking about. No I didn't pick them coz of the SRK connection or KJo connection. These are the movies which irritated me most and that's why I am explaining the change in my thoughts about at least some part of the movie.