Friday, 30 November 2012

Where is our sense of responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!

I have stopped being appalled at the way we Indians neglect to follow and respect rules. But in last two days experienced and heard such mundane everyday things which really shook me up.

  • Incident 1 : This was an experience of a friend. He was going on a small road or galli in Pune. He comes near a road crossing. Since bus was going the person in front of him stopped, so he stopped and suddenly realised that the bikewala has dashed him from behind. Now this is a very common occurrence in Pune as everybody is in so much hurry to pay attention to road. Anyways when my friend complained to the guy the answer that guy gave was mind blowing. He said 'Cant you see in your Mirror I am coming from Behind!!!!!!" I mean he doesn't want to look ahead while driving or be careful but the person in front of him should be careful to look ahead as well as behind.
  • Incident 2 : This happened during our team discussion. Some of the guys were planning to go to a movie yesterday to E-Square.Its a multiplex near our office and the discussion was to decide whether all of them take their individual bikes or come back to office to collect vehicles after movie.One of the teammate, a lady said we should take bikes as nahi to wrong side se wapas office aana padega.All of us got surprised. Some of us immediately doubted our knowledge of the road. Then when we said to her that even if u are going directly home you will have to go ahead in opposite side to take a U-Turn (There is no immediate road to go back to Aundh/Baner. U need to go half a kilo meter ahead and then take a U turn) So she calmly mentioned that hum hamesha wrong side se hi jaate hai..usame kya hai.
  • Incident 3 : This happened today when i came to office. In our basement lift we 2-3 people got in press the floor number and stood behind. The fourth person got in and after pressing floor immediately hit the button to close the lift door. There were 2 people still standing out trying to come in. No its not like the lift was full or something. He just hit it with reflex.
All these incidents show me that we have totally lost our sense of responsibility. These are very minor examples and i don't even want to go into to corruption, crimes etc. That's too big a thing. But these above examples show that we don't care about any other person (if not in immediate circle), We don't care about our own safety and are least bothered or even contemptuous of others. We don't even realise we are not following a proper decorum or rule. I mean where we get lost in the proper of Indian evolution. How can we become so thick skinned, so irresponsible.

Previously to justify this people used to say that since not many people are educated this is happening but above all three examples show the people who are educated and working professional behaving this way. So now the excuse of not being educated is also gone from our hands. How will we justify this behaviour?

I feel helpless. I feel I am leaving in a jungle where I am become endangered species.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sholay.....Bus Naam Hi Kaafi Hai

Today When I was surfing the channels in morning when I caught a flash on Zee Cinema that Sholay will come at 9 PM today. From that time onward it was constantly at the back of my mind and I suffered even 20 mins of "Aan Men at work" so as not to miss  it

This Movie has always been special. The first I heard about this movie was its dialogues  By the time I saw this movie (I was around 8 years old) all the dialogues with background music were much jubani yaad. But with all these dialogues and my love for them, the hype around this movie was too much and when I saw it I was disappointed. I don't know why I didn't like it. But then when I grew up and saw it again I was hooked.

I cannot still believe how there are some people who haven't scene this movie. One of my roommates (this was back in 2006) hadn't seen this movie So when it was coming up she and me sat to watch it. Suddenly after half n hour she just stormed out of the room. I was perplexed and didn't know what just happened. When I went after her and asked her whats wrong, she said that she didn't wanted to watch the movie with me prompting. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry co I never had realized that I was saying each and every dialogue before. Finally I convinced her to come back out again and see the movie. After that I had a hard time to stop muttering even a single line :D

The dialogues are just too good.'Tumhara Naam kya hai Basanti', 'Loha garam hai maar do hathoda', 'Kitane aadami the', 'Holy Kab Hai' and so on..If I start putting down all of them I think I will ran out of space.

So you must have got the gist. I think when you say Bollywood, Sholay, Gabbar, Amitabh are the few things that quickly flashes in my mind.

I still don't know what was the main reason of the success of this film. Its story, Dialogues  Star cast. Everything was at its perfect place. Even the supporting cast was spot on. Surama Bhopali, Angrezon ke jamane ke jailour, Immam sahib, mausiji, ramlaal, samba have been immortalized along with Gabbar, Jai, Veeru, Thakur Saab, Radha, Basanti. Even Dhanno was famous.

All in all an amazing film. I still cant get enough of it and I think I should get back to watching it.

Courtesy - Google

P.S. I love the mouth organ tune which Amitabh Plays. The effect of night, with mountains in distance and Jaya Bacchan putting the lights off one by one in big haveli is just too good. Its such a haunting melody. Its so sad and peaceful at the same time. I had this tune for a long time as my ringtone. Sadly when I lost my phone its gone. Trying real hard to get it back. Currently making do with the title sound track :P

Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Homage to Andy Roddick

Before I imprinted (this term the Twihards will know the most) on Roger Federer, I was madly in love with Andy Roddick. I was bowled over by his boyish charms and his witty answers to each and everyone.

I was distraught for Roddick when he lost the first Semi final in Wimbledon (first of the many matches that came later) to his nemesis Roger in 2003. I was heartbroken for him. I even though who is this Federer guy. How dare he beat Andy (Can u believe it?). But the final of 2003 turned it totally around. I am digressing here. Though I still cant think about anyone who can rule my heart from tennis fraternity the way Federer does, I still cant forget my first love. They say that first love is always the most cherished memory and I agree.

Why I was drawn to Andy Roddick is a mystery to me. His original game was centred mostly around his Booming Serve and intimidating opponents. His initial play was centred on being stayed at Baseline and sometimes serve and volleying to get quick points. This is not my type of play honestly. But something about Roddick always lingered on in mind even after the game. Over the period of the decade, he has continuously improved his game to suite the new emerging style of play. Along with Federer, he is the only player to have stayed in top 10 for 9 consecutive years. That's a big big achievement.

A-Rod as he is affectionately called many times, is known for his On-Court tantrums as well. He has  to his name some famous melt downs and verbal abuses to the umpires. This is the only thing that's like a dark mark on his tennis career. Sometimes his body language is so childlike when he is losing a match as if he gives a Da*mn about the outcome. because of this he can come across as giving up on the matches. But that's one of the big misconception about him. Of the court he is always witty, sometimes taking the press off guard with outrageous answers. He is famous for doing imitations of Djokovic, Hewitt, Sharapova and Serena Williams.

They say he is unlucky as he is born in the era where Federer is playing and they have an ounce of truth in it. Except the 2003 US Open final which he won(Not Against Roger), all the other 4 GS finals he played 2004,2005,2009 Wimbledon and 2006 US Open, his path was blocked by Roger. I wont even go to the 2009 Wimbledon final. I think that was the only final I would have been OK with If Roger would have lost.

You would have imagined that this would turn him into Roger's biggest hater in the world but on the other hand these two share a rare camaraderie. Roddick defended Roger vehemently in 2008 which was the most disappointing season for Roger according to many people. He said "You guys are brutal. Absolutely brutal. The guy has only made two Grand Slam finals this year. I would love his bad year. I would love it."

I had a privilege to take see him twice in 2009. Once when we were roaming around in Paris, he came across the road walking. Unfortunately we were resting that time and by the time I got up and ran he was already gone. I tried to shout  "Andy" but I was too speechless to make any sound.

This is the most I could Capture Andy In Paris

Second time I was more lucky. In 2009 Barclay's ATP Masters in London, Roddick had to withdrew due to the knee injury but he came to watch a match in the O2 Arena. When people recognised him in the stands many of us queued up for his autograph. and I got it :)

Finally Got an Autograph

So you must have got the point from all my blabbering that Andy Roddick holds a special place in my heart. When he declared he will be retiring after this year's US open, I was sad and teary eyed like him and his numerous fans. He has carried the burden of being America's top Tennis Men's player for too long. He is the most under appreciated player in tennis I believe.

Andy Wishing you all the best for your future and I am going to really miss you..Though I did not love you as you deserved nonetheless you have always been part of my love for Tennis. After you are gone, that part will remain unoccupied and that void will always remain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Live the Life You have Imagined

This is the article one of my colleague have shared in our organisation and I just loved it..So just sharing it here.

Once upon a time, at a large mountainside there was an eagle nest with 4 large eagle eggs inside.
One day, an earthquake rocked the mountain causing one of the eggs to roll down to a chicken farm, located in the valley below.
The chickens knew that they must protect the eagle egg. Eventually, the eagle egg hatched and a beautiful eagle was born.
Being chickens, the chickens raised the eagle to be a chicken. The eagle loved his home and family but it seemed his spirit cried out for more.
One day, the eagle looked to the skies above and noticed a group of mighty eagles soaring. ”Oh,” the eagle cried, “I wish I could soar like those birds.”
The chickens roared with laughter, “You cannot soar like those. You are a chicken and chickens do not soar.” The eagle continued staring at his real family up above,
Each time the eagle talked about his dreams, he was told it couldn’t be done.
That was what the eagle learned to believe. After time, the eagle stopped dreaming and continued to live his life as a chicken.
Finally, after a long life as a chicken, the eagle passed away.
This is a perfect example of what many of us go through. The society around us is bound by certain ideas. It might not be their fault but they do have limited vision most of the times. Its up to us how much we want to live the life we have imagined. The one thing that's sure is it wont be rosy always. If your ideas don't match with that of society's you will have to fight your way through it but i think if at the end you look back and say 'yeah I have lived my life the way I wanted' it would be worth it. Don't you think?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Harry Bosch's Single Bullet Theory

         When I was reading one of the Michael Connelly books, I come across a theory (Called single Bullet) which the hero of the novel firmly believes. Harry Bosch has been in love with his ex-wife Eleanor Wish.

"I'm a believer in the single-bullet theory. You can fall in love and make love many times but there is only one bullet with your name etched on the side. And if you are lucky enough to be shot with that bullet then the wound never heals.Roy Lindell might have had Martha Gessler's name on a bullet. What I do know is that Eleanor Wish had been my bullet. She had pierced me through and through. There were other women before and other women since but the wound she left would not heal right. I was still bleeding and I knew I would always bleed for her. That was just the way it had to be. There is no end of things in the heart."

I don't know why I felt like sharing it. But this is kind of poetic so thought will put a quick blog on it.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

London Paris New York

I am back after a longggg hiatus. There was no plan to take such long break from blogger but was just having writer's block due to some personal issues. Anyways that's done and dusted and here I am. I thought a lot on what i should write about. There are many topics in my head but the urge to write about them was missing

I thought these days I am missing something in my life and when I watched this movie I realised what it was that I am missing. No its not about a guy please...I am missing London desperately. I went to London in 2008 March and it became my city. May be it was my first international travel, may be because it was more like Mumbai, may be because London means Wimbledon and Arsenal, whatever is the reason but I fell for this city real hard and fast. London is beautiful in Surreal way. London with its Victorian architect, its crazy weather (it can rain anytime in London. You better carry your umbrella everyday), good food, pulls you in its charm. Whenever I land at Heathrow, I can smell that different London air. It has an identity. I am not kidding..and then I feel yes I belong here. In London I met many wonderful people. My office team, some of my closest friends I discovered in this city. I have loved and I have lost the love too in this city. When I was struggling big time in my personal life I ran away to London where I found some peace. Every walk from tube station to office or to home has always have some memory attached. The Buses, Tubes,Costa Coffee,Pubs, Oxford street, Waterstones, Hagen Daz, Chillango, Crispy Cream, CineWorld ohh I miss it all and most importantly I miss that time in my life. Now its just has become a memory and I am trying desperately to grasp at that lost time. This movie tugged and pulled at my heart strings and have compelled me to write about it. The movie has captured London very nicely and it fits in the story as a third Character.

The second city in the movie is Paris..My dream city. I didn't like the Paris I saw in this movie. I have been to Paris twice. Once in winter and once in Summer and loved the city in both times. And its truly a romantic city. I cant explain why but in Paris you always miss that special someone when you are there alone. Paris is fun, Its colourful, Its always awake and ready to party. I had the most amazing wine in Paris. and Chocolate Crepe are awesome..Disneyland, Eiffel, Louvre, River Seine. Everything about Paris is Romance. Everything about it creates a longing in you and that's why this city tops the chart. But I am not sure how Paris will treat you if you stay there for a long period and not just holidays. I think the mystery of Paris is best experienced for short term. I am afraid I might not like it if I stayed there for long. But whenever I will get a chance I would love to go to Paris and I hope at least in one of these trips I will have that Special someone with me to share my joy :)

Now to the third city of the movie..New York..this city we have seen so many times in Karan Johar movies that it feels I have already been there. But I feel that city is calling me.. Its waiting for me..Its not my dream city or I don't have a compulsion that I have to go there once etc. But somehow I feel that I would definitely be there one day.I don't have any picture of New York in my mind. So it would be a true mystery to unravel
Just praying that life will give me a chance to at least try to solve that riddle.

P.S. - About the movie, its one of the fresh  movies I have seen in sometime. The actors have done a very good job and I think its one of those mature movies. Most of the situations in movie can happen real life too.and of course I loveeee Ali Zafar :P

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sporting events and ME!!!

The last Monday I thought about writing this post when I was telling a friend why I didn't watch Arsenal match over the weekend..My another friend was shouting at me for not picking up her calls few days back.She thought may be I had this vrat or something before Australian Open not to talk to any friends so Federer will win..though it was nothing like that but I agree that its a possibility with me. Whats with me and my favourite teams...

Yes I am toooo superstitious when it comes to matches for my it Arsenal game or Federer match or Sachine inching towards his 100. I get soo touchy and fidgety..There was a phase when I had stopped watching Federer play live cause I have taken it to my brain that when I see the match he loses..So the Aus 2009 Final I had just heard. Can you believe it. I was in UK.So I had gotten up at 6 to follow the match. Though the live streaming was ON on my laptop I had opened BBC's live text update link and along with the commentary from the live stream I was following the match on BBC. For more than 4 hours this madness went on. Still Fed lost and thankfully now I watch all his games.

When Sachin is playing I don't move from my place. During 2003 India Pak match I actually had cramps in my leg due to sitting at same place when Sachin made his 97.

Still for Arsenal it has happened that when I don't watch the game they mostly win :P the only exception is when I watch the game at Emirates..Then they do win.ha ha ha.Today too I was at home. Star Sports was showing the game live. Still what did I do..Opened BBC again and put on music channel..Now watching the highlights and feeling very warm inside for the performance..C'on you Gooners. If you are winning I don't mind watching only the highlights at all.

Gooner for Life

Love of my life ;)

Always wait for this moment

People say I am crazy..Yes actually I am about sports and this madness doesn't help either..Though I don't regret this at all. I love Federer, Sachin and Arsenal too much to care :):)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Aaj Socha to...

I thought I will write a blog today..its been pending for a long time now..there were many things I wanted to right about..Many thought crowding my head..But when I started writing, its not the topics which I was thinking about writing. Its about a song which caught me offgaurd and made me come to terms the feelings which I was so consciously avoiding.

Yesterday I wanted to watch the program Jagjit Singh Tribute to be aired on TV at 10. I Switched on the TV and suddenly was assaulted by this song which I try not to listen much. Don't get me wrong. Its one of my favourites. But it always open up the old wounds which I so try to close. The song is "Aaj Socha to Aansoo Bhar Aaye" from the movie Haste Zakhma. This song is the ultimate combination of Lata Mangeshkar, Madan Mohan and Kaifi Aazmi. The only issue with this song is Priya Rajwansh. I wish they would taken someone else with expressions.

This song was from that generation where the lyrics of the songs used to pull the heart strings. This was the Era where many of the greatest songs (music/lyrics) wise were made which we still listen and can relate too.

"Reh Gayi Zindagi Dard Banke, Dard Dil mein Samaye Samaye"

Anyways, this song always takes me back and make me relive my past. I should ideally hate this song for all the pain it causes but somehow I cannot. This song shows me that its my decision where my life is currently and I have got to be strong if I want to have it that way.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Home Sweet Home

wow..I mean wow....I really don't have words to write this post...Finally after all the search I have booked a flat in Pune. It was a longggggggggg wait and still have to wait a long time before I can actually set a foot in my home. But the feeling of having a house of your own is exhilarating. It has been my dream for so long.It was one of the biggest items on my 'To Do' list before I turn 30. Now the long process of getting a loan, keeping track of the work being done at the site starts..

I really hope this will give me some stability and peace of mind that I have been searching for a long time..

Ohh I am so happy. Thank you God!!!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Why O Why?

Today realised one more friend of mine doesn't feel like talking to me anymore. Its so weird. I have kind off got used to this I guess. From last couple of years, the people I have banked to be very close friends of mine one fine day decide that they no longer feel like talking to me.

I am fine with this. I dont want to force anyone. The only problem I have is they don't even feel like informing their decision to me. I keep asking them whats wrong. I keep begging them to talk and after a while they do feel pity and tell me the reason or just inform me that yes they don't feel like talking.

And since now its happening with quite alarming frequency I think something is major wrong with me. Am I a bad person or irritating one or may be after a while I become boring to be with?

I don't know. Why its so hard to just let me know upfront. I am not saying its always their fault. I have been wrong too but unless and untill someone tells me what's wrong how will I know it? I might be many things but mind reader I am not. It hurts...Hurts a lot

I Don't understand how people can erase you from their lives just because its easier than working things out.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New perspective for films I initially couldn't stand

Today while coming to office in shuttle, I heard a song from Movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. It seems like I have seen the movie ages ago and have forgotten all about it. But today when I heard the song and thought about the movie something strike me. There are couple of movies in which I have few basic objections to some core part of the movie. But thinking about KKHH, I realised I no longer objected to these parts in the movie. I have grown in experience may be that's what is helping me to relate to these parts though this doesn't mean I approve or denounce them. It just means I am few years wiser and at least I can look at these things objectively. So here are the basic objections I had with some of the movies and what i think of them now.
  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - We will start with this one as its the reason of starting the post. So my main objection here was even after 8 years, KJo and SRK assumed that Kajol would be unmarried and unattached to anyone in this period. But today when I thought about this, I could see that its possible. First of all Kajol leaves in last year of college. Even if we assume she was 22 at that time then its possible for her to remain unmarried by 30. About remaining unattached, yes that's possible too after the setback she got, she was may be so emotionally drained out or may be distrustful of guys that she never could fall for anyone else. May be she was afraid of again getting hurt in the process. So after thinking all these points I can give benefit of doubts to the film. But I still think SRK's character in the move was a perfect example of MCP.
  • Dil To Paagal Hai - Something is really up. I happen to saw this movie when I went home yesterday. Is it a coincidence..may be it is..anyways I hated lots of things about this movie and still do. But one point I was always stumped at about was why Madhuri stands in airport even if she doesn't love Akshay. for Old me that was really stupid and i still cant do a complete U turn and say no that's correct but at least now I can see the dilemma behind the stupidity. She was stunned by this. Plus Akshay is her best friend. So she didn't wanted to hurt him etc etc.. So again though I wont approve it at least I will make amends with this scene. But even then too I cannot stand the movie. The only character normal and believable in this movie is Karishma's Nisha whom I so relate too.
  • Kabhi Alvida Na Kehena - Now this is a cracker. When I initially saw the movie I hated Rani's character. I mean though SRK's Character is a jerk throughout at least there are some reasons behind which he can take refuge but I never understand what Rani's problem was. She had a loving husband,good home,job etc. Why she felt so suffocated in that marriage? I think I can imagine her situation. She never loved AB Junior. yes I know in marriage you have to do many adjustments but if you have been friends with the person and in that time if u didn't fall for them then you most probably never will. And she is not just suffocating because of this, her other problem is she is not being fair to Ab Junior and that too is affecting her outlook. Though I never understood how SRK was an answer to all her problems..but that's the thing which I probably will never get :P
These are some of the movies I was talking about. No I didn't pick them coz of the SRK connection or KJo connection. These are the movies which irritated me most and that's why I am explaining the change in my thoughts about at least some part of the movie.