Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sporting events and ME!!!

The last Monday I thought about writing this post when I was telling a friend why I didn't watch Arsenal match over the weekend..My another friend was shouting at me for not picking up her calls few days back.She thought may be I had this vrat or something before Australian Open not to talk to any friends so Federer will win..though it was nothing like that but I agree that its a possibility with me. Whats with me and my favourite teams...

Yes I am toooo superstitious when it comes to matches for my it Arsenal game or Federer match or Sachine inching towards his 100. I get soo touchy and fidgety..There was a phase when I had stopped watching Federer play live cause I have taken it to my brain that when I see the match he loses..So the Aus 2009 Final I had just heard. Can you believe it. I was in UK.So I had gotten up at 6 to follow the match. Though the live streaming was ON on my laptop I had opened BBC's live text update link and along with the commentary from the live stream I was following the match on BBC. For more than 4 hours this madness went on. Still Fed lost and thankfully now I watch all his games.

When Sachin is playing I don't move from my place. During 2003 India Pak match I actually had cramps in my leg due to sitting at same place when Sachin made his 97.

Still for Arsenal it has happened that when I don't watch the game they mostly win :P the only exception is when I watch the game at Emirates..Then they do win.ha ha ha.Today too I was at home. Star Sports was showing the game live. Still what did I do..Opened BBC again and put on music channel..Now watching the highlights and feeling very warm inside for the performance..C'on you Gooners. If you are winning I don't mind watching only the highlights at all.

Gooner for Life

Love of my life ;)

Always wait for this moment

People say I am crazy..Yes actually I am about sports and this madness doesn't help either..Though I don't regret this at all. I love Federer, Sachin and Arsenal too much to care :):)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Aaj Socha to...

I thought I will write a blog today..its been pending for a long time now..there were many things I wanted to right about..Many thought crowding my head..But when I started writing, its not the topics which I was thinking about writing. Its about a song which caught me offgaurd and made me come to terms the feelings which I was so consciously avoiding.

Yesterday I wanted to watch the program Jagjit Singh Tribute to be aired on TV at 10. I Switched on the TV and suddenly was assaulted by this song which I try not to listen much. Don't get me wrong. Its one of my favourites. But it always open up the old wounds which I so try to close. The song is "Aaj Socha to Aansoo Bhar Aaye" from the movie Haste Zakhma. This song is the ultimate combination of Lata Mangeshkar, Madan Mohan and Kaifi Aazmi. The only issue with this song is Priya Rajwansh. I wish they would taken someone else with expressions.

This song was from that generation where the lyrics of the songs used to pull the heart strings. This was the Era where many of the greatest songs (music/lyrics) wise were made which we still listen and can relate too.

"Reh Gayi Zindagi Dard Banke, Dard Dil mein Samaye Samaye"

Anyways, this song always takes me back and make me relive my past. I should ideally hate this song for all the pain it causes but somehow I cannot. This song shows me that its my decision where my life is currently and I have got to be strong if I want to have it that way.