Monday, 24 January 2011

पाऊस असा रुणझूणता

Yesterday we went to see Dhobi Ghaat. Its Kiran Rao's first directorial movie. So obviously it started with very high expectations.The movie has various aspects which I can revv about but it has two of my most fev things in its backgrond. One is Mumbai and another is Rain.We will talk about Mumbai some other time.The City is too important to just mention in one line.

So lets talk about the Rain then... पाउस....पाऊस असा रुणझूणता....कधी उधाणता अन केव्हा थेम्बांच्या संथ लयीचा. The rain I like personaly is torrential one though..the way it rains in mumbai or konkan..not like Pune or London. That I cant call real पाउस. पाउस असावा मुसळधार,संततधार,आपल्याला त्याच्या बरोबर उडवून नेईल असा.आपल्याला आकंठ बुडवून टाकेल, तृप्त करेल असा.पाउस म्हणजे सरीवर सर. पाउस म्हणजे विजांचा चमचमात, ढगांचा गढ़गढ़ाट. Though I am very scared of the thunderstorm.People generally laugh when I say that my fevorite season is Mansoon. After the unbearble गर्मी of May, the hint of rain is so welcome. The first rain, the smell of earth.चक्क डोळ्यांसमोर रूतू कुस बदलून घेतो. How can someone not like it.

Every year the first rain is always special. It is different coz may be I am different each year. The first rainfall sets my mood.It feels like I am meeting my friend all over again and the love affair starts again from where it was left of the previous year. The meetings are all the special coz I know deep down they are few and the long separation is just 3 months away. मग मी आणि पाउस खेलतो,फिरतो, आठवणी गोला करतो. एकमेकांशी निवांत गप्पा मारतो.तो मला दूर डोंगरांच्या देशातल्या गोष्टी सांगतो. मी ही मग त्याला प्रोजेक्ट च्या गमती जमती सांगते. त्याला काही कळत  नहीं फारसे पण माझे मन राखण्या साठी ऐकून घेतो बिचारा.माझा पाउस आहेच तसा गुणी.

I know rain can bring all the choas.Even getting to office is a task.You have to avoid all the puddles and the vehicles who love them so much.The long Traffic jams, the mud, elecricity jana.Trains band hona.

पाउस म्हणजे चिखल सारा, पाउस म्हणजे मरगल
पाउस कपडे ख़राब करतो,पाउस वैतागवाड़ी

हे सगळे जरी खरे असले तरी
पाउस म्हणजे गार वार, पाउस म्हणजे हिरवल
पाउस म्हणजे भिजरी  पायवाट, पाउस म्हणजे झाड़ी
पावसामधे गुपचुप निघून मनं जाउन बसते ढगात
पाउस घेउन येतो बरोबर गार गार वारा.पाउस येतो घेउन हिरवीगार झाडे आणि पाउस येतो घेउन खुप साऱ्या आठवणी. संदीप खरे आपल्या एक कवितेत लिहितात

" आता पुन्हा पाउस येणार, मग आकाश काले नीले होणार,
मग मातीला गंध फुटणार, मग मधेच वीज पडणार,
मग तुझी आठवण येणार, काय रे देवा"

Rain has important part in our hindi movies too..pouring rain, starnded Hero-Heroine with couple of sidekicks,purana bungalow and your horror movie is all set to start. Or Rain can also come at the right time when our Hero just wants to be alone with our heroine in an secluded place. RGV's Satya first used rain effectively as one of the co-consiprators or a silent spectator.A ever feeling present. Rain represents happiness as well as sorrow equally effectively in our movies. Since I saw the Song रिमज़िम गिरे सावन (female version) where moushami and AB go around mumbai in that rain, enjoying both the company and the rain, so happy. I have this dream that I will one day roam around Mumbai with that special someone. And always when I wake up from my dream I remember another one of Sandeep khare's poem. (I Guess he is as in love with rain as I am. We should compare notes

बारिश से अक्सर मिलता करता था मैं
और कभी कभी तुमसे भी
इत्तेफाकन मगर तीनो इकट्ठा कभी नहीं मिले है हम

मिन्नतें तो बहोत की थी मैंने
बारिश से भी, तुमसे भी...मगर खैर..

अब की बार थान ली है मैंने
तुम दोनों को साथ साथ ही मिलाने की
इसलिए अब आँखोंमेही बारिश लेके घूमता हूँ मैं..
उन्ही गलियों में...
जहाँ इत्तेफाकन कभी तुम मिल जाओ शायद...

आणि माझा पाउस म्हणतो आमेन.........................

(p.s. The poems I have used are by Sandeep Khare and Soumitra..One of my fevorite poets..You will see some posts on them as well in future. And if you havent read their work then you are missing something)

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