Monday, 7 March 2011

TP thoughts

Since last Sunday after that heartbreaking finale at wembley to say the mood was little down will be an understatement. It was Sh*te till Tuesday. But then came Stamford Bridge and the great(so called) Man UTD got a taste of their own medicine. How can u do a complete U turn on how Ref is against you when your baby got away with it on Saturday..Anyways they got what they deserved. The whole match I was talking with one of my footie friends who is a Die hard Chelsea supporter. It was fun

Came Wednesday where we run riot over Orient to gain next round FA cup match against Man UTD on 12th march.

But on Saturday we were not able to capitalise on UTD's loss by winning against the black cats.Though we were at the receiving end of bad Referring I am happy we didn't loose and a draw is good enuf..Now time to Face BARCA.

Then came Sunday..what a day it has been. We were greeted with such amazing sunshine after so many days. The good part was it remained the whole day. What a refreshing Sunday. On top of that saw Pool seeing off UTD..again I can go on and on about it but shouldn't. I will keep the memories stored for talking at end of the season.And I fail to understand why Wolves are in bottom half after playing such a good football. The curse of Molineux was on Spurs only for the referee to come to their rescue. So all in all the week has been more about Referring that actual football.

The Cricket world cup is also providing good entertainment. Eng is turning out to be the team who is providing enough excitement in the WC. All their matches have been a close encounter. Esp today's game against SA. what a match..What a bowling by Broady and Swanny.The only sad part about it was that I didn't want SA to loose as well. Strange world.

India won against Ireland. The Irland team had shocked England to say the least. They did highest run chase in WC history. K O'Brien had fastest century (in 50 balls) in WC history. Today India were again exposed by their Over confidence. Though how much I want India to win this WC, but somehow I think this team except few select individuals don't deserve the cup. Our team is just not showing enough hunger or even enough respect for the WC.And I have started hating it now. Ooh and btw Windies bowled out B'desh in 58 and got their bus stoned by angry crowd for winning that match..B'deshi fans need to learn how to differentiate their Team bus and opposition's one. I am sure that was just a misunderstanding. Next time they will choose the correct bus to stone at :)

I am becoming Twitter fan. Not to post anything on it but just to follow ppl.Also I am falling in love with Jack Wilshire but my client manager (when I told her about my crush) promptly reminded me that he is a bit young for me. Never mind..Age no bar,nationality no bar. ;) After all I have realised that I have a thing for guys with dimples.Remember a certain John Abraham

All in all a satisfying weekend.

PS - I had lovely food on the whole weekend which my roomies prepared and didnt do a it felt like a dream weekend :D

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