Tuesday, 19 April 2011

One for the Road

No I am not talking about the Va.Pu. Kale book or any other beverages and stuff for the road. :P Had to clarify that right knowing me you might go to that conclusion ;)..may be its the case of Chor ke dadhi mein tinaka but its better to clarify things :)

So this 'One for the Road' is for the songs I keep hearing while travelling to and from office. Depending on the mood my playlist keeps changing. But today felt like writing a blog for select few of the songs. Coincidentally these were the songs I heard today too. This playlist in my Ipod is called 'Close to Heart' songs..It assorted songs and has most of my favorite ones. So was listening to it since yesterday. There are almost more than 150 songs in this playlist so to pick these few was a tough task. But below are some songs which are truly close to heart
  • Tum Se Hi (Jab We Met) - When I watched the movie for the very first time this was a total unknown song for me. It never made it in any promos and all initially. So when it came on screen I was captivated to say the least. But the effect of the movie was such that everything about that movie felt good. Later while coming back I suddenly realised I have found something special in that movie. This is the most played song on my Ipod and the people who know my addiction to music will know what that means :) . I can never explain why this is such a special song for me..the music, Mohit Suri's voice and the awesome words are part of the reason but there is something more to my obsession with this song that even I am not able to explain to myself.
  • Awarapan Banjarapan (Jism) - I have to entirely blame the radio stations in mumbai for my addiction to this song. When we were in hostel I didn't have a luxury of laptop, Ipod etc..so the only thing that held me to music was FM and you know how these staions keep playing the same songs over and over again.Of course thats true for most of the songs. But this is a special song.It has stayed with me for almost 8 years now and dont think it will ever go away. If you believe in stuff like 'you have a song that's made for you' or 'its your soul song' then this is the one for me.It just captures my Soul.Everything about this song is haunting....The wind chimes, KK's voice, the music and the lyrics just make such a perfect package...'कहा  किसी  के  लिए  है  मुमकिन  सबके  लिए  एक  सा  होना ..थोडा  सा  दिल  मेरा  बुरा  है  थोडा  भला  है  सीने  में '..Perfect!!!!!!!!!
  • Paigaam (Lakeer) - A.R Rehmann's one of my Favorite song. You probably don't even remember the movie. It bombed on the box office.But this is a beautiful song. Of course it has my Fev season..Monsoon..The picturasation is good..and If you just close your eyes and listen to the song, it will take you to those beautiful hills, baarish and someone special :) Its that kind of song...
  • Kitani Baatein (Lakshya) - ' You have Changed' Preity Zinta says to Hritik..he replies 'Tum nahi badali kya' and it just sets the tone of the song. It tells us that people change and forget to tell each other. This song is all about the happy memories of the past which are now just that..Memories...when I walk down from Farringdon to office and come to Ludgate Circus signal everyday I remember this song. There is no special reference to this place or any specific memory. But some things just happen and this is one of those..In that instant I see the flashback of my London stay... all good, bad and ugly!!! So thats why this song is making into the list
  • O Meri jaan (Tum Mile) - This song is all about relationships(any relationships) and how misunderstanding can rip those healthy and 'will never fail' relationships apart. Its complicated says someone..I dont know why it has to be any complicated...You take care of me, I take care of you..shouldnt that be enough? But looking at how some of my most cherished relationships have gone awry I think its not always enough. This song is about such a failed relationship. How sometimes not clearing the misunderstanding can change your life entirely.'ना तुम हो बेवफा ना मैं भी हूँ फिर भी है हम जुदा मैं क्या कहूं, ना जाने वक़्त की मर्जी है क्या, क्यूँ है मिली ये दूरीयाँ!!!! so True
  • Some songs do need atleast a mention here like 'Aaj Socha to Aankh Bhar aayi', 'Ye Dooriyain', ' White Flag', 'White Horse'  etc. We can talk about these some time later.
There are many more songs about which I can go on and on..Some songs come to my mind when I go to specific place, some when I think about a person or when I listen to these songs they remind me of some or the other person in my life who is close or has been close to me. Some songs come to mind with specific weather. So I think I should stop now.

But one thing is sure Without Music, I would have been one hallow person without any Soul..

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