Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Failed Trek to Sinhgad!!!

This Saturday, we decided to go to Sinhgad for my first trek of the year or this monsoon. Jenny already went there week before with her cousin and they came back in good time. I missed out that day as i had to come to office :( so I was looking forward to this Saturday's outing.

On Friday eve, NM mentioned he might not be able to make it as we had to leave quite early. So it left only me,Jenny, CK and Vijay P from Jenny's team. On Friday night somehow I had trouble sleeping. Was that excitement of the upcoming adventure? no I don't think so. Its not like I haven't been to Sinhgad before. So I am still not sure about the disturbed sleep..Anyways we got up quite early and just had tea and left around 7.

We drove to a small village at the bottom of Sinhgad called Aaktarwadi. We parked the car and started the Trek. Within minutes I realised I have lost all my stamina of the previous year. Still we climbed for more than half n hour and then the dizziness striked me. I still tried to continue for few more minutes by taking some rest and a sip of water. But I sadly realised my nausea and dizziness was increasing every minute and I was slowing these guys down.

So I decided to go down. These guys started climbing again. But where we had stopped the view was just awesome. There was no sun and the weather was cool. So I thought I will just wait there for few minutes before continuing down. But the silence was so refreshing and inviting I just couldn't get up. I Sat and I sat. This sudden turn in situation gave me much needed "Alone Time" which was necessary for some serious thinking. I realised few things or I confessed few things to myself which I was avoiding in the past

The prominent thing which was immediately apparent for me to see is  that I am loosing my fighting spirit.I am not saying I have lost it completely but if I don't watch out that day is not far away. I used to be proud of my fighting spirit and my mental strength. I think I am giving up on things a bit too quickly. So this shows I need to get back my #1 strength ASAP.

The other important thing was the state of my stamina. I mean I am not saying I could have run up the whole Sinhgad before but I need to get back my stamina. I have got swimsuits over weekend and will start swimming this week to get some of it bk.

Next thing was how much I enjoyed being alone. There was a point in not so distant past where I used to get restless or depressed if I think I am alone and there is no one for me/around me. No plans to look forward too etc but this time I really enjoyed this solitary vigil. They say when you can enjoy with oneself you wont need any company to be happy always. Was this the thing I was missing in my life? was I too dependent on everyone else for my happiness. Its too early to say but this Failed trek has given me a glimpse of how I can make the most of such alone time.

I think the lines from the movie 'Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara' (which incidentally I saw the same day in evening and about it I will write separately) are very apt

देर हुई लेकिन मैंने अब है जीना सिख लिया,
कैसे भी हो दिन मैंने अब है  जीना सिख लिया,
अब मैंने, ये जाना है, ख़ुशी है क्या, गम क्या,
दोनों ही है, दो पल की रुतें, न ये ठहेरे न रुके,
ज़िन्दगी दो रंगों से बने, अब रूठे अब मने,
यहीं तो है, यहीं तो है, यहाँ

देर हुई लेकिन मैंने अब है जीना सिख लिया,
आंसुओ के बिन मैंने अब जीना सिख लिया.

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