Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Why O Why?

Today realised one more friend of mine doesn't feel like talking to me anymore. Its so weird. I have kind off got used to this I guess. From last couple of years, the people I have banked to be very close friends of mine one fine day decide that they no longer feel like talking to me.

I am fine with this. I dont want to force anyone. The only problem I have is they don't even feel like informing their decision to me. I keep asking them whats wrong. I keep begging them to talk and after a while they do feel pity and tell me the reason or just inform me that yes they don't feel like talking.

And since now its happening with quite alarming frequency I think something is major wrong with me. Am I a bad person or irritating one or may be after a while I become boring to be with?

I don't know. Why its so hard to just let me know upfront. I am not saying its always their fault. I have been wrong too but unless and untill someone tells me what's wrong how will I know it? I might be many things but mind reader I am not. It hurts...Hurts a lot

I Don't understand how people can erase you from their lives just because its easier than working things out.


  1. Ash, As far as I know .. you are not bad person. Somebody works to make up the things.. somebody walks away .. I think we need to learn to ignore it. Don't be upset .. think about friends who are with you. You will find there are many ..

  2. True Ash.. sometimes I wonder.. I ponder so much about it.. but does that friend even care.. I can truly relate to this and to your troubles.. I can only say.. atleast one of your close friend is talking to you :-)

  3. no comments :) is what i would liek to say but then i am tempted to say couple of things :)

    nice write up

  4. this has happened to all of us. only the frequency varies i guess. it sure hurts. and hurts because you truly cared for them. i hope you can find your peace with this bitter thing in life

  5. Its a time to think and rethink Ash why these things are happening. It is not only you who is facing such things, everybody on this planet are witnessing this.

    I have difference in opinion with your sentence "I am fine with this. I dont want to force anyone". I don't know about whom you are writing about, but very few people have such opportunity to get real friends who can pamper you, care for you, guide you, direct you and who could be a strong pillar.

    Life doesn't stop on anything it moves on, but if we loose good friends whats the use of this life.

    Will give you all gyan when we will meet @ Barbecue Nations :)

    Till then,

  6. happens .Even I plead guilty . sometimes people feel disconnected all of a sudden , and things just "cool off" .

    Good news , there are lots of new people always out there :)