Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sporting events and ME!!!

The last Monday I thought about writing this post when I was telling a friend why I didn't watch Arsenal match over the weekend..My another friend was shouting at me for not picking up her calls few days back.She thought may be I had this vrat or something before Australian Open not to talk to any friends so Federer will win..though it was nothing like that but I agree that its a possibility with me. Whats with me and my favourite teams...

Yes I am toooo superstitious when it comes to matches for my it Arsenal game or Federer match or Sachine inching towards his 100. I get soo touchy and fidgety..There was a phase when I had stopped watching Federer play live cause I have taken it to my brain that when I see the match he loses..So the Aus 2009 Final I had just heard. Can you believe it. I was in UK.So I had gotten up at 6 to follow the match. Though the live streaming was ON on my laptop I had opened BBC's live text update link and along with the commentary from the live stream I was following the match on BBC. For more than 4 hours this madness went on. Still Fed lost and thankfully now I watch all his games.

When Sachin is playing I don't move from my place. During 2003 India Pak match I actually had cramps in my leg due to sitting at same place when Sachin made his 97.

Still for Arsenal it has happened that when I don't watch the game they mostly win :P the only exception is when I watch the game at Emirates..Then they do win.ha ha ha.Today too I was at home. Star Sports was showing the game live. Still what did I do..Opened BBC again and put on music channel..Now watching the highlights and feeling very warm inside for the performance..C'on you Gooners. If you are winning I don't mind watching only the highlights at all.

Gooner for Life

Love of my life ;)

Always wait for this moment

People say I am crazy..Yes actually I am about sports and this madness doesn't help either..Though I don't regret this at all. I love Federer, Sachin and Arsenal too much to care :):)


  1. Amazing.. i think this is what makes us stand out from all others :)
    Our passion and madness for our sport... n favourite sportsperson
    Take pride in it..

  2. hehe i know how u can be.. But it good to have that passion.. admire you for that..

    PS: even i loveeeee fed :-))

    1. i know sometimes i have troubled you with my quirks ;)

      and baat Fed ki hai to we are his army :D

  3. its difficult convincing you to watch the darn match :) . he he irrespective of your fed army - its nad :) time.

  4. Hello! You have an award awaiting on my blog :-)