Thursday, 14 March 2013

It - Stephen King

OK so to set the context of the blog, this is about the Book I read last week. Its Stephen King's 'It'. Now being a Book worm its weird that how I didn't stumble on Stephen King sooner. Sure I have heard about him and sure sometimes I had thought of starting to read him but the push never came, until last week. My friend told me I have to read Stephen King and he suggested 'The Shining' and later once I promptly finished it reading, he suggested I read 'It'

I was not very thrilled with the name of the I stalled a bit. But when I saw the cover of the book something stirred into the Memory and I ran to Wiki to confirm my suspicions and voila, this book rights were taken by United Studios Ltd and they made a series in Hindi called 'Woh' which used to run on Zee TV when I was in school

Book Cover of It (Courtesy Google)

TV Series Woh (Courtesy Google)

Now I loved that series and I couldn't help but to start the book and eat it like worm. The novel didn't disappoint me (at least not till the end) and hats off to King for building the story slowly, painstakingly. Layer by Layer making sure you don't get bored and you get spooked well enough.

I don't remember much of the series i.e. how it ends (they Indianised in the end and it became a typical Horror show somehow).But I do remember that me and my friend used to get freaked out after every episode and whenever the Clown used to come we couldn't help but cover our eyes

This got me in why that Clown was so scary than many of the so called 'Horror Shows' that were going on at that time or even today.After thinking and reading the book and encountering 'Pennywise the Dancing Clown' I know why I used to be scared of him or still am

The other Horror shows do have lots of sound effects, gruesome makeup using lots of ketchup, potato peels and may be Multani Mitti ;) but deep down we know that this is not real. These kind of creatures we haven't seen personally and hence say may be don't exist. But the Clown, so normal, so real and so much part of your childhood, grips your heart that much tightly. And this commonness that gives the clown so much deadly power. As a kid clowns are our friends and clowns are considered harmless and even say dumb may be. And hence Seeing/reading about this Clown who terrorises the kids definitely evoke more fear in me.

Back to the book. I believe King has such good insight into Child psychology. He has portrayed the 7 kids with so much details and clarity. He has described their background, their passions, fears and insecurities so powerfully that u cant help but go yourself into the story and be part of their life. He has also bridged the gap between the two time periods when the kids come back again to Derry as grownups to finish It. The book is huge and even if I read whenever I got time like in auto, during calls, office hours, at home while eating breakfast, even while exercising i finished it in 5 days.

I was let down by the end. Not because its bad but because its not as good as the complete build up of the story

Overall I think 'It' now has become one of my most Fev books.

A warning don't read King's books if you are Home alone. The shining also is similar and some day I will write about that book as well.

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