Monday, 28 February 2011

Fate is cruel....

Arsenal's Trophy wait continues...The Carling cup final today against Birmingham City was another blow to the gunners and to Arsene.We were without Cesc and Theo..but that shouldn't be the excuse. The pressure of no trophies was showing up from the first minute. Szczenny Fouled inside the penalty area. It could have been a penalty and a red card. But the decision was given as the BC player was offside. I thought OK looks like the luck is with us today but alas that was just cruel game played by Fate.

Well played Birmingham..They played good.. but we we didn't played bad to loose..or to loose in this manner. Looks like the things i want desperately to happen are just not meant to happen is it..Arsenal's trophy, Federer's 17th GS,India's WC win..Though nothing is concrete yet and may be all of these three things will come true but I have lost my remaining faith in me. I should start supporting the opposition so may be their luck will run out and my teams will win...

Why it has to come down to this..I am heartbroken...GOD this is killing me :(:(

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