Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Does Age give you wisdom?

They say as you grow old you get wiser. Funny thought. I mean I don't say I disagree with it but still it doesnt necessarily be the case. I think you will become wiser provided you learn from your experiences, you keep an open mind for criticism and life's curve balls. Then you will definitely become wiser.

What is experience. I read it somewhere what it is and it has stick with me ever since. 'They say experience is what you get when you don't get what you want'. True isn't it? So as I am in contemplating mood since my birthday here are few things I have learned over the period of time.

  • Love Yourself - If you yourself don't love you why should anyone else do. You are the only one who can keep you happy. people will try to push you down, humiliate you, make you feel ugly but they cant harm you if you are happy inside. Be your own Admirer. Because you will never desert yourself no matter what.
  • Don't run behind people - If they are meant to be in your life they will also take efforts to be there. You shouldn't be convincing anyone what they are missing or why they should stick by you. Those who stick with you don't need any reason and most importantly those who don't, never will how much you try to convince them otherwise. 
  • Don't Judge people - Nobody has given you the authority.You are not suppose to judge people. I know its hard not too. I even cant help it but I try to refrain. Everyone is fighting their own battles so we will never know what they have gone through or faced to become what they are. 
  • People will hurt you -  Every one will at some point or other.You are made up of flesh and blood and are not bulletproof. But you will have to think of whether these people matter? if they don't you should learn to let go.
  • Ignore - There are N number of things people do or are happening around you which annoy you, irritate you. You should learn to ignore them for your own mental peace. Coz 9 out of 10 times you are the only one suffering because of it and its not worth it.
  • Be Selfish - This is something which will create conflicts with what you have been taught up till now. But everyone is selfish. Everyone have their hidden motives. Try to make people happy to a limit but learn this you cannot make everyone happy and be happy at the same time. So after a limit you will have to look after yourself. There will hardly be anyone else when you actually need one. I read one saying to this effect ' I was looking for help and then I found ME'
  • Always give second chances and benefits of doubts - Sometimes all people need is second chance. Don't burn bridges behind you if someone doesn't do what you think is right or what you like. They might have some good reason for it or they might be jerks at that time. Try to be in their shoes to see their point of view or just forgive them. Hating someone will not affect the other person as much as it affects you.
  • Remember life is not fairy tale. It wont necessarily have happy endings.
I am not saying I follow all these things but at least I am trying and I am sure there will come one day when I will learn all these and on that day I would have made peace with me. 


  1. Great - khup aawadala - very true and worth following :)

  2. I liked that... May be I am currently in a phase where I am learning these.