Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Blogging Anniversary to me...

12 Dec has come and gone and I never realised it was the first anniversary of my blogging. Yes, its been one year since I wrote my first time surely flies...I never thought I would continue writing(that shows how much confidence I have in myself :P) but I have proven me wrong in a good way.

I am happy to discover this hobby. I am not writing as a professional blogger. My blogs are purely for me..As an outlet for my joy, pain, anguish and helplessness. Blogging has given me the much needed platform to express my thoughts.

There was a time when I would have scoffed at this thought. Why would you need blogging when you have so many friends to whom you can talk to about anything and everything I might have asked.

But as time has passed I haven't lost any friends. But with the passage of time I have found out who was true and who was never really there for me. This revelation was a massive blow.I who used to be proud of having so many groups of friends realised what an illusion I have created around me.

So once the realisation came, I cherished/admire those who are still there with me more and more. And now blogging has become my friend whom I can tell anything and everything

I just pray to god that I would never lose my this friend.


  1. I dont think you have lost out on any group Ash... Just that it has become difficult to keep in touch nowadays... Just as you cherish your freidns.. all of us cherish you and are lucky to have you in our life.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Blogging is very therapeutic. A friend who is always there. But some people say that a blog is a weakness which is liked because it does not talk back. I think that the because it does not talk back, we see ourselves much more clearly without being defensive.
    Wishing you many more happy anniversaries!