Friday, 30 November 2012

Where is our sense of responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!

I have stopped being appalled at the way we Indians neglect to follow and respect rules. But in last two days experienced and heard such mundane everyday things which really shook me up.

  • Incident 1 : This was an experience of a friend. He was going on a small road or galli in Pune. He comes near a road crossing. Since bus was going the person in front of him stopped, so he stopped and suddenly realised that the bikewala has dashed him from behind. Now this is a very common occurrence in Pune as everybody is in so much hurry to pay attention to road. Anyways when my friend complained to the guy the answer that guy gave was mind blowing. He said 'Cant you see in your Mirror I am coming from Behind!!!!!!" I mean he doesn't want to look ahead while driving or be careful but the person in front of him should be careful to look ahead as well as behind.
  • Incident 2 : This happened during our team discussion. Some of the guys were planning to go to a movie yesterday to E-Square.Its a multiplex near our office and the discussion was to decide whether all of them take their individual bikes or come back to office to collect vehicles after movie.One of the teammate, a lady said we should take bikes as nahi to wrong side se wapas office aana padega.All of us got surprised. Some of us immediately doubted our knowledge of the road. Then when we said to her that even if u are going directly home you will have to go ahead in opposite side to take a U-Turn (There is no immediate road to go back to Aundh/Baner. U need to go half a kilo meter ahead and then take a U turn) So she calmly mentioned that hum hamesha wrong side se hi jaate hai..usame kya hai.
  • Incident 3 : This happened today when i came to office. In our basement lift we 2-3 people got in press the floor number and stood behind. The fourth person got in and after pressing floor immediately hit the button to close the lift door. There were 2 people still standing out trying to come in. No its not like the lift was full or something. He just hit it with reflex.
All these incidents show me that we have totally lost our sense of responsibility. These are very minor examples and i don't even want to go into to corruption, crimes etc. That's too big a thing. But these above examples show that we don't care about any other person (if not in immediate circle), We don't care about our own safety and are least bothered or even contemptuous of others. We don't even realise we are not following a proper decorum or rule. I mean where we get lost in the proper of Indian evolution. How can we become so thick skinned, so irresponsible.

Previously to justify this people used to say that since not many people are educated this is happening but above all three examples show the people who are educated and working professional behaving this way. So now the excuse of not being educated is also gone from our hands. How will we justify this behaviour?

I feel helpless. I feel I am leaving in a jungle where I am become endangered species.


  1. haha, sometimes such incidents makes me want to go and shake those people.

  2. So true Ash. And when the same happens to these people, they talk about how other people are ill mannered and do not follow basic rules.

  3. We nned btter laws , and a better public mindset :))