Monday, 14 February 2011

Fairy Tales don't always have a happy endings..Do they?

Yesterday we were watching Tangled...Yeah AGAIN...Last weekend we saw it in O2 in 3D..While taking the ice cream in Ben and Jerry's we missed the starting of the movie. We tend to do that a lot..I mean missing the start by some reason or other..anyways so we finally made it inside and after settling down we were immediately sucked into the Disney magic.. It is such a great movie or I can say cute that I couldn't help it and I downloaded it. So yesterday we watched it again.

The movie is basically the story of Princess Rapunzel. Its based on the German story Rapunzel by Brothers Grim. So this is a princess who doesn't know she is a princess. She is imprisoned (though she doesn't know that either. You really wonder what she really knows but that's aside) in a tall tower.Basically story starts when a drop of sunshine falls off to earth and through it rises a magical flower. Now this flower can heal any wound and a witch name Gothel uses this flower to stay young. The kingdom queen falls ill when she is expecting and she drinks the flower. Rapunzel is born and her hair is magical, They glow when a song is sung and can heal anything.(This totally freaks out Flynn. That scene is hilarious) So Gothel kidnaps her instead when she is just a baby and had kept in the tower ever since. The king and queen are devastated and they send out thousands of lanterns in sky on her birthday and our Rapunzel is fascinated by the sight and wishes to see those in person. When she turns 18 she gets the chance when a thief(who is damn handsome too) Flynn Rider comes to tower to hide his spoils. He is her ticket to adventure. What follows is the ride of ur life with a chameleon Pascal, a horse Maximus, a frying pan, bunch of crooks who have heart of gold and gothel's attempts to get Rapunzel back. The dialogues are witty, the expressions are awesome, landscape is colourful and its a movie which touches and tugs a ur heartstrings.Animation is the next best thing.

So while watching this awesome movie I was thinking that why we don't have fairy tales in real life. From our childhood we keep hearing all those goody goody stories. How the girl is in trouble and how the prince charming comes to her rescue.Its been engraved in our heads and ofcourse hearts that Fairy Tales always have happy endings. But do they? I don't think so. I mean I have seen many stories of many ppl which are similar to the fairy tales. Lots of struggling, lots of hurdles to cross and yes they got married. But our life story doesn't end there. No fairy Tale shows how the prince and princess gets along after marriage. Isn't that suppose to be real test or something? We keep waiting that our Knight in shining Armour will come into our life riding a while horse (silly romanticism though I am sure u all girls feel that don't you?) but most of us are sadly awaken from those dreams by harsh reality. Life isn't a Fairy Tale. Even if it is it won't always have a happy ending. So is it a bad idea to raise ur child's hopes by telling them Fairy Tales? A child's mind is pure and innocent. May be parents must be thinking that why to let the children know the reality so soon and you have to agree that they do have a point.Its really confusing.

Anyways such silly thoughts shouldn't be coming into my mind after watching Tangled. It is a movie to cherish. But I cant seem to get that Line from one of my Favorite songs 'Big Girls Don't Cry' and I haven't gotten a reason to disagree with this line.

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