Sunday, 20 February 2011

WC is here again!!!

In 2010, we welcomed the Footie World cup with enthu. I was in India then. And the world cup showed how much Footie has become the second largest sports in terms of Fan following in India. It was fun to support Spain, Admire the new Germany team, shake ur head dissolutely over England's dismal performance and applaud Holland's spirit. And who will forget Paul the octopus. He made the WC as famous as any player in any team.

So we are again welcoming the WC. And this time its Cricket WC......... In India everyone watches Cricket. Its like when you are born you are baptised in this religion. You may have different cricketing Gods but your religion is still same i.e Cricket. I wish I was in India for the built up of WC. Plus the WC is happening in subcontinent. It would be awesome atmosphere. The big screen TVs everywhere. The talk is only about cricket. Every match is analysed so much. Every player admired/criticised by every one. Every century meeting with thunderous cheers.

I wish in this WC also the team I support wins and keep the trend going :). C'on you Men in Blue. Do it for yourselves, do it for India and do it for Sachin...Ohhh how I so miss Paul...

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