Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Main to Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut gayi

This weekend I was on a movie spree. I don't honestly remember when I saw three back to back movies in theater. We are exploiting the Cineworld tickets in UK( That's my personal opinion though I am not complaining :P). So as usual my over ambitious plan included watching morning show of Megamind too, which would have resulted into 4 movies. Fortunately/Unfortunately I didn't get up in time for the only show of the day.

We decided to go for Movie 'The Tourist'. Johnny Depp is by far one of the very few leading guys, whom most of the junta loves. After Tourist we saw the awesomely refreshing 'Band Bajja Baraat' which have a foot tapping number 'Main to Ainvayi Ainvayi lut gaya'. So you now know where the title of the blog has come from. To end the day I saw Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of Dawn Treader.I will review the movies in separate posts.And btw, after coming home i watched Chocolate on Zee Cinema too.

After all this chit chat,I will come to the main topic of the blog now. The song leads to one of my unfulfilled dreams. Dance. To some people dancing comes so easily but I can't dance more than few of my routine steps. For all my efforts I can't actually move my legs while dancing which makes me very very conscious of my dancing and eventually limits my enjoyment. What will I give to dance freely. Music is like a passion. Though I don't sing. But without Music my life will become soulless. Everyday when I am listening to any foot tapping number or any romantic song I visualise what steps I can take on this song.

When the song 'Ainvayi Ainvayi' started on the screen I felt like jumping on my feet and start dancing. The energy shown by Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh is so contagious. I have now already visualised myself dancing on this number in Jenny's marriage :) So this is one of the things in my 'To Do' list and I will definitely try to complete this at least once on that occasion.

The song also reminds me of something entirely different. The word 'Ainvayi' is a Punjabi word which means 'Aise hi' or 'Just Like That'. So basically the line means main to aise hi lut gayi..Without any reason. I can kinda relate to it. I am sure many of us can relate to this feeling of helplessness when u can see the things you cherished most are being taken away from you. God never asks your permission nor does fate.They come and rob you just like that..Ainvayi..some say its written in stars, some say its purane janmo ka phal. I don't know what to believe anymore but it sure doesn't seem right any which way.

There is this one line in one of the Lata Mangeshkar's song..'Koi lut jaata hai.....koi Loot jata hai..The word is same but how u pronounce it makes all the difference.

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  1. Ashvini,

    Please, mera idea mat churayo!!! I was supposed to dance on this number on your the day!!!!

    and for baki Junta, bahut jald wo dance karne ka mauka milne wala hain mujhe :-D:-D:-D

    btw very nicely written :-D