Monday, 13 December 2010

My First blog

So....finally I have decided to do something different today. Rather than thinking over my endless plans finally I have actually actioned one of them :)

My blogs will be about my dreams, my Plans..most of them unfulfilled, some of them might not have turned out as I wanted them to be and some of them are so satisfyingly done.

My list of 'Things to do' keep on increasing with every new day. The thing is I always cling on to it as if my whole life depends on it. May be that's what is keeping me functioning normally and that's why I don't want to complete those coz after that there might not be anything that will hold me to reality.

So I will try to put my feelings on this blog whenever the thoughts will crowd my head, thoughts which won't let me breath. The blog will be like my pensive where I can remove my thoughts and analyse them at some leisure time. Seems like a good idea.. Don't you think?


  1. Ashvini,

    Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, and renewal.

    Hoping that the color of your blog and it contents get us all a peek of your full of life, attitude!!!

    Awesome start!!!!!!

    Love Jen :-D

  2. What an irony. I've this youtube page open on my laptop for last few days (for tabs) & I happen to read this blog. Nice to see the start. Dream big, keep writing and have fun :)

    I was a little girl
    Alone in my little world
    Who dreamed of a little home for me
    I played pretend between the trees
    And fed my houseguests bark and leaves
    And laughed in my pretty bed of green
    I had a dream
    That I could fly
    From the highest swing
    I had a dream