Tuesday, 21 December 2010

मैत्रिण - Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday

मैत्रिण...a friend, a companion, a stable support, Sakhi, someone you can turn to for everything from a small issue of which lipstick to choose to a breakup :) Basically a person whom you can almost always rely to be there for you.

I have been lucky to get soo many good girl friends over the period and I am thankful to everyone for being there for me even when I behave like a kid or have been miserable/self centered/depressed.

Today writing this blog to wish my best friend a very happy birthday..each birthday reminds me of all those years we have spend together.Lahanpanachya tya aathavani, te rusave fugave, te ekatra abhays karane.

I met Ruta in 8th Std. I had recently shifted to this big city and was already scared to be in big school. When I first saw Ru was a day when she was thoroughly enjoying a huge fight with another girl. To tell frankly, I was kinda scared of her. Then after some days she walked up to me and said ,'Vahalkar lets study together'. Now who was I to say no to this 'dada' of our class. So I said fine and I went to her house to study. From that day onwards we havent looked back. With some people they are just meant to be there in your life and you just hit it of. Asech kahise zhale and I never knew when I realised Ru is not at all like the girl which I first saw and was scared of. Ti tar ekdum sahani sutasarakhi saral ;) mlagi aahe. We continued our studies together till 10th std. Those three years have been awesome. We had our ups and downs but we stood together throughout. We cried together due to tension of coming exams, we laughed together on our silly jokes.

After 10th our ways parted, she went off to Pune to study and I stayed back. After that however we tried, we planned but till now we never have been able to stay in a some city for considerable amont of time. May be we will get that chance again in near future. I always thank god that we shifted to chiplun and I met Ru.

These days it seems our roles have been reversed. Previously I was the silent companion and these days Ru has been my stable sea shore. I come to her for support, for understanding. Her maturity,sensitivity and understanding always give me strength to fight my battles and survive the storms.

I remember some lines from Sandeep Khare's Poem

मैत्रिण माझी स्वच्छ दुपार, मैत्रिण माझी संध्याकाळ
माझ्या अबोल तहानेसाठी मैत्रिण भरलेले आभाळ

Happy Birthday Ru...I know all your wishes will come true.

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  1. khupach sundar - mala aamchyakadacha narkhede sarancha class aathwala aani rinu padaleli te ....hihihi